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MacBook Repair and service

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MacBook Repair and service

Got a Faulty MacBook? Bring It For Repair!

Are you looking for professional MacBook repair? Is your MacBook giving you trouble? Bring it to us; we will fix it for you.

We are a leading MacBook repair service in Nairobi Kenya. We fix all Apple Laptops including the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. We have been fixing clients’ MacBook’s hardware and software issues for more than 8 years.


MacBook Repair and service

  • Your MacBook is running slower than usual
  • You’re having power issues
  • You MacBook shuts off randomly
  • Parts of your MacBook (keyboard, screen, battery etc.) no longer work
    • Having issues with your MacBook? Can’t seem to find parts? Maybe you’re just not sure how to fix MacBook hardware (fixing or replacing hardware on any laptop can be very difficult). Well, you don’t have to buy a new computer, we’ve got the know-how and parts to fix your hardware issues. So, what are you waiting for
    • Our services


  • MacBook power issues

    It can be really aggravating when:

    • Your MacBook won’t hold a charge
    • Your MacBook doesn’t charge at all when you plug it in, or
    • Your MacBook just won’t turn on at all

    But luckily, these kinds of problems are usually caused by something simple. Let us take a look at your MacBook, we‘ll quickly find the cause of your power issue. Once we know what component has gone bad, we’ll replace it for you and get your MacBook booting up like there was never a problem in the first place. Take a look at our laptop power issues page to learn more.

    Cracked screen or display issues

    Think about how easy it is to break a screen on a laptop. We carry them around from place to place and from surface to surface, it’s no wonder that broken screens are so common with laptops. Of course, only second to cell phones though. Luckily, the LCD screen on a MacBook is usually far less expensive than buying a new computer. Yes, that’s right. A broken screen does not mean you have to replace the laptop.

  • Maybe there’s no obvious damage but your screen is still not working, we can tackle that too.  Could it be a faulty inverter or graphics card? We’ll let you know what the problem is.

    Fan repair, replacement, or maintenance

    Laptops get hot and fans help dissipate that heat. Extreme heat can cause serious damage to both your computer and to your body. Some of the signs of overheating or fan issues are:

    • The fan is constantly running and making loud noises
    • The computer is struggling to perform basic
    • Mysterious error messages
    • The laptop abruptly shuts down on its own
    • Even if your MacBook isn’t currently overheating, it never hurts to just have it maintained and cleaned. I mean those things get seriously gross with dust and hair. Our laptop fan replacement page can let you know the importance of keeping your laptop cool, or you can just skip that step and book  an appointment with us
    • Missing keys or a broken keyboard

      Did you spill soda or some other sugary substance on your keyboard? perhaps you’ve fallen victim to crumbs. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. We’ll disconnect the old keyboard and put in a shiny new one that types just fine.

    • RAM, RAM, and more RAM

      Running slowly, an error message that says your computer has “run out of application memory”, or the inability to multitask on your MacBook like you used to? These are common issues that happen when you’re in need of more RAM. Sure, you can close out a few applications or limit your self to 1-2 tabs on your internet browser instead of the usual 10+, but who wants to do that? Life is more fun when you multitask, and your MacBook ought to be able to do as many different things at the same time as you can. If your MacBook doesn’t have enough RAM to handle the tasks you are throwing at it, give us a call. We’ll add more and get rid of those annoying error messages and slow loading times.

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