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Hard Drives & Solid-State Drives (SSD’s) Upgrade

Start your system, load files almost instantly & accelerate the most demanding applications with solid
state drive’s (SSD’s) .SSDs from 128GB, 256GB ,512GB and 1TB and 2TB
Laptop and desktops hard drives 2.5” and 3.5” all sizes from 160GB,250GB,320GB,500GB,1TB,2TB,3TB and
4TB, 6TB . A Hard drive/Solid state drive installation will take upto 45 minutes to 90 minutes of your
time due to operating system and other software’s installation. Note we do not install pirated software
at a cost . Hard drive and SSD prices ranges between KSH 2,500 and KSH 30,000 depending on the client
budget and preferred size. Also other types of SSD’s areSolid State Drive (SSD)? – 2.5/M.2/mSATA/PCIe
available 256GB/512GB/1TB Apple NVME SSD for Mac Mac book laptop/desktop/All-in-one PC
computer .*2013-2015 models* 1tb @ 27,000/=,,512GB @ 20,000/=, 256GB @ 11,000/=, 128GB @ 6500/=, *A1466 2012* 256GB @7,500/=, *A1465/A1370 2011* 128GB @7,500, 256GB @ 10,000/=

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