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TF03XL HT03XL Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion 14

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TF03XL HT03XL Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion 14

  • Battery Model: TF03XL HT03XL; Battery type: Li-ion; Voltage: 11.55V; Capacity: 41.9WH 3630MAH; Cell: 3; Color: Black.
  • Compatible for Hp Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 14-CK 14-CM 14-DF 14-MA 14Q-CS 14Q-CY 14S-CF 14S-CR Series: 14-ce0068st 14-ce0025tu 14-ce0034tx 14-ce3064st 14-ce3065st 14-ce3065tu 14-ce2068st 14-cf0012dx 14-cf0013dx; Hp Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-dh0xxx 15T-DQ100 15t-cs 15t-cs200 15-cd040wm 15-cc0xx 15-cc123cl 15-cc154cl 15-cc060wm 15-cc1xx 15-cc050wm 15-cc152od 15-cc055od 15-cd0xx 15-ck0xx 14-bf0xx 14-bf050wm 17-ar007ca,Fit for HP 240 G7, 245 G7, 250 G7, 255 G7, 470 G7, 340 G5, 348 G5 Series
  • Compatible for HP spare battery replacement parts l11119-855 920046-121 920046-541 920070-855 920046-421; HSTNN-IB7Y HSTNN-LB7J HSTNN-UB7J HSTNN-LB7X TF03041XL TPN-Q190 TPN-Q188 TPN-Q189 L11421-542 HSTNN-IB8O L11421-1C1 L11119-855 HSTNN-LB8L HSTNN-DB8S HSTNN-DB8R HSTNN-LB8M; HT03XL TF03XL TF03041XL

TF03XL HT03XL Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion 14

TF03XL HT03XL L11119-855 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion x360 15 14m-cd0003dx 14m-cd0001dx 15-cc563st 15-CC023CL 17-ar050wm 15-ck 15-cc 14-bf 14-ce 14-ck 14-bk 17-ar series HTO3XL Notebook Replacement


  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.55V
  • Capacity: 41.9 Wh / 3660 mAh
  • Compatible Models: HP Pavilion X360 14 15 17 SeriesHP PN number: TF03XL HT03XL

    15-CC 15-CD 17-AR 14-BF 14-BK 14-BP 15-CC000 15-CD000 15-CC0XX 15-CD0XX 14-BF1XX 17-AR Serie ,X360 14-CD0000 14M-CD0000 series

    HP Pavilion X360 14 Series:

    • 14-BF000 Series: 14-bf040wm 14-bf050wm 14-bf118tu 14-bf120tu 14-bf125tx 14-bf146tx and more
    • 14-BK000 Series: 14-bk061st 14-bk091st 14-bk063st 14-bk0xx and more
    • 14-BP000 Series: 14-BP005LA and more
    • 14-CD0000 Series: 14-cd2053cl 14-cd1055cl 14-cd1075nr 14-cd1010nr 14-cd0003dx 14-cd0002ne 14-cd1033nr and more
    • 14M-CD0000 Series: 14m-cd0xxx 14m-cd0001dx 14m-cd0003dx 14m-cd0006dx 14m-cd0005dx 14m-cdooo3dx and more


    HP Pavilion X360 15 Series:

    • 15-CC000 15T-CC000 Series:


    15-cc000no 15-cc001na 15-cc001nf 15-cc001ng 15-cc001ni 15-cc001nia 15-cc001nk 15-cc001nv 15-cc001nx 15-cc002ne 15-cc002ng

    15-cc002ni 15-cc002nia 15-cc002nk 15-cc002nl 15-cc002no 15-cc002nu 15-cc002nx 15-cc002ur 15-cc003nc 15-cc003ng 15-cc003ni

    15-cc003nia 15-cc003nk 15-cc004nc 15-cc004ni 15-cc004nk 15-cc004nm 15-cc004no 15-cc004nt 15-cc004nx 15-cc004ur 15-cc005na

    15-cc005ng 15-cc005ni 15-cc005nk 15-cc005nl 15-cc005nm 15-cc005no 15-cc005tu 15-cc005tx 15-cc005ur 15-cc006nc 15-cc006ng

    15-cc006ni 15-cc006nk 15-cc006nl 15-cc006no 15-cc006nx 15-cc006tx 15-cc006ur 15-cc007nc 15-cc007ng 15-cc007nt 15-cc007nx

    15-cc007tx 15-cc007ur 15-cc008nc 15-cc008no 15-cc008nt 15-cc008nx 15-cc008tu 15-cc008tx 15-cc008ur 15-cc009ng 15-cc009nl

    15-cc009nm 15-cc009no 15-cc009nt 15-cc009nx 15-cc009tu 15-cc009tx 15-cc009ur 15-cc010nc 15-cc010nk 15-cc010nl 15-cc010no

    15-cc010nr 15-cc010tx 15-cc010ur 15-cc011nk 15-cc011tu 15-cc011ur 15-cc012ng 15-cc012nk15-cc012tu 15-cc012ur 15-cc013na

    15-cc013ng 15-cc013nk 15-cc013ur 15-cc014ng15-cc014nw 15-cc014ur 15-cc015ng 15-cc015nk 15-cc015tu 15-cc015ur 15-cc016nk

    15-cc016ur 15-cc017ng 15-cc018ca 15-cc019ng 15-cc020ng 15-cc020nr 15-cc020nz15-cc020tu 15-cc021tu 15-cc023cl 15-cc023na

    15-cc023ng 15-cc023tu 15-cc023ur 15-cc024nz 15-cc024ur 15-cc026na 15-cc026nz 15-cc027na 15-cc027tx 15-cc028na 15-cc183cl

    15-cc028ng 15-cc028tx 15-cc029na 15-cc029ng 15-cc029tx 15-cc030ng 15-cc030tx 15-cc031tx 15-cc032na 15-cc033na 15-cc034cl 15-c665cl


    • 15-CD000 15Z-CD000 Series: 15-CD000NG 15-CD000NU 15-CD000NV 15-CD000UR 15-CD001AU 15-CD001CA 15-CD001DS 15-CD001NG 15-CD001NL 15-CD040WM 15-CD0XX 15-CD042NR 15-CD051NR 15-CD067CA 15-CD075NR 15-CD005LA 15-CD040WM
    • 15-CK000 Series: 15-ck075nr 15-ck074nr 15-ck0xx 15-ck010ca 15-ck013ca and more


    HP Pavilion X360 17 Series:

    17-AR000 17Z-AR000 Series: 17-AR007CA 17-AR050WM

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