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HP Adapter Charger 19.5V 2.31A 45W Blue Tip

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HP Adapter Charger 19.5V 2.31A 45W Blue Tip


HP Adapter Charger 19.5V 2.31A 45W Blue Tip

Includes power cord.

Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5V – 2.31A 45W
Connector Tip: 4.5 x 3.0mm blue tip
Colour: Black

Compatible Part #s: 721092-001, 719309-001, 719309-003, 740015-001, 740015-002, 740015-003, 741727-001, 741427-001, A045R07DH, HSTNN-DA35, HSTNN-LA35, HSTNN-CA40, HSTNN-DA40, HSTNN-LA40, ADP-45WD B, ADP-45FE B, PA-1450-36HE, PA-1650-32HE.

Compatible Models:

11-f003tu T5Q61PA 11-f107tu, 14-ab066us 14-v062us 14-v, 14-ac004np 14-r000 14-ac187la, 14-ac006nl 14-r001tu 14-af102AU, 14-ac021tu 14-r002la 14-af103AU, 14-ac104la 14-r003la 14-af104la, 14-ac110TU 14-r007la 14-af108ca
14-ac112la 14-r023tu 14-af113au, 14-ac118TU 14-r032tu 14-am013la
14-ac123la 14-r033tu 14-an010na, 14-ac125TU 14-r050br 14-an013na
14-ac126la 14-r245tu 14-bw003ax, 14-ac146la 14-r247tu 14-bw008nf
14-ac147la 14-r250tu 14-bw008no, 14-AN012NR 14-AN082NR 14-AN090NR
14-bw022na 14-bw025au 14-bw012nr, 14-bw054au 14-bw026au 14-bw022au
14-bw056au 14-g113au 14-d042la, 14-CM 14z-cm000 14-cm0004la
14-d005au 14-g114au 14-g007ax, 14-d007la 14-g118au 14-g017au
14-r000 14-r041TU 14-r203tu 14-r200, 14-V063US 14-V168NR 15-ay103dx
14-w006la 14-w008la 14-w106la, 14t-r000 15-AC116CA 14-d032la
15-AB267CL 15-AF141DX 15-ap012dx 15-ay053nr, 15-ac072TU 15-AC134DS 15-AC130CA, 15-ac077TU 15-AC135DS 15-AC131DS, 15-ac080TU 15-AC153CA 15-AC133DS, 15-ac102la 15-AC185NR 15-ac660tu
15-ac102TU 15-ac600nf 15-af000ne, 15-AC103CA 15-ac601ng 15-AC121DS
15-ac103la 15-ac646tx 15-AC128CA, 15-ac104la 15-ac648ur 15-ac657TX
15-ac504TU 15-ac505TU 15-ac506TU, 15-af131dx 15-f003dx 15-af103AU
15-aw057nr 15-aw078nr 15-ay041wm, 15-ay013ca 15-f004dx 15-af104AU
15-ay013dx 15-ay014ds 15-ay018nr 15-ay052nr 15-ay019nr 15-ay020nr 15-ay028ca 15-ay039wm 15-ay122cl 15-ay125nr 15-ay083nr 15-ay070wm
15-ay123tu 15-f004wm 15-af106AU 15-ay144tu 15-f009ca 15-af107AU
15-ay163nr 15-ay173dx 15-ay192nr 15-ay195nr 15-br020ca 15-br041nr 15-br098nz 15-d001sx 15-f010dx 15-af108AU 15-d003ss 15-f018dx 15-af113AU
15-d035dx 15-f387wm Touch 15-AC124LA 15-d043sw 15-f019dx 15-af124AU
15-d049ee 15-f023wm 15-af127AU 15-d051ea 15-d099nr 15-af102AU
15-f010wm 15-F100 15-F300 15-F355nr 15-f113ca 15-g001ax 15-f111dx
15-f125wm 15-g001xx 15-g124ds 15-f128ca 15-g002nc 15-g205au
15-f133ca 15-g005na 15-g207nc 15-f162dx 15-r039ca 15-f199nr
15-f205dx 15-g018dx 15-g212au 15-f210ca 15-g000 15-g216nl
15-f337wm 15-F272WM 15-r131wm 15-g013dx 15-ba015wm 15-ba
15-g021sr 15-g040au 15-g035au 15-g028ng 15-g041au 15-f027ca
15-g042au 15-g254nf 15-r038ca 15-g060ca 15-g254no 15-r210dx
15-g071no 15-g260nr 15-r222cy 15-g074nr 15-g265no 15-r228nf
15-G078nr 15-R029WM 15-R137WM 15-g080nr 15-g276nr 15-r239nl
15-g088ca 15-g286nd 15-r257nm 15-g092nd 15-g551nm 15-r264dx
15-g094sa 15-h006la 15-r062tu 15-r000 15-r100 15-r221cy 15-r229cy
15-r000nia 15-r013ca 15-r100nia 15-r001nc 15-r016ne 15-r110dx
15-r001ne 15-r016tu 15-r111tu 15-r005tu 15-r026nx 15-r112ne
15-r006nc 15-r010si 15-r150nm 15-r026tx 15-r202na 15-r206na
15-r150nr 15-r174ca 15-ck


17-p116nf 17-p050no 17-p121wm 17-p047cl
17-p081no 17-p180no 17-x103ds 17-p101no 17-p184ng 17-x114cy
17-p107ng 17-y023ng 17-y017ng 17-p161dx 17-p052no 15-ac121nr
17-y001ax 17-y010cy 17-y018ca 17-y002nf 17-y014nf 17-y022nf
17-y002nm 17-y003nv 17-y008cy

G1 210 215 310 350
G2 245 250 310 340 350 355
G3 240 250 255 256
G4 245 250 255 256
G5 250

Beats 15-p390nr 15-p393nr
Bests 15-p049nr 15-p082nr

Chromebook 11 G3 G5 G4 EE
Chromebook 11-2201la 11-2101tu
Chromebook 11-v011dx 11-2200nb
Chromebook 14 14-ak040nr 14-ak003tu
Chromebook 14 G3 14-ak000nz
Chromebook 14-ak000nb 14 G4
Chromebook 14-ak013dx 14-ak003na
Chromebook 14-ak050nr 14-ak005na
Chromebook 14-x000 14-q000
Chromebook 14-x001no 14-q000sa
Chromebook 14-x003tu 14-q002tu
Chromebook 14-x004na 14-q003tu
Chromebook 14-x008tu 14-q075no
Chromebook 14-x030nz 14-x010nz
Chromebook 14-x097nf 14-x023na
Chromebook 14-x099nd 14-x030nr

Compaq 15-h092ng 15-h033sz
Compaq 15-s100no 15-s100
Compaq 15-s108na 15-s000so
Compaq 15-s120ng 15-a009nf

Convertible x360 G1 310 350
Convertible x360 G2 310 330

EliteBook G3 745 755
EliteBook G4 745 Notebook
Tablet EliteBook 840 G3 X2 1011 G1
EliteBook 850 G4 G3
EliteBook Folio 1020 G1
EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 G2 G3

Tablet Elite x2 1011 G1

ENVY 13-ad101nk 13-ad143tu
ENVY 13-ad105nc 13-ad162tu
ENVY 13-d000 13-d008tu
ENVY 13-d000na 13-d010nr
ENVY 13-d002tu 13-d012tu
ENVY 13-d003na 13-d018tu
ENVY 13-d004na 13-d020tu
ENVY 13-d004tu 13-d026tu
ENVY 13-d006na 13-d044tu
ENVY 13-d006tu 13-d050tu
ENVY 13t-d000 13-d061sa
ENVY 14-j110tx 15-ae100nk
ENVY 15-as102na 15-as020tu
ENVY 15-as133cl 15-as031nr
ENVY 15-as165nz 15-as043cl
ENVY 15-as190nz 15-as100nq
ENVY 15-c010ng 15-c000
Envy 15-k001tu 15-k030tx
ENVY 15-u000nc 15-u010dx x360
ENVY 15-u050ca x360
ENVY 17-k218tx m6-n168ca
ENVY x2 13-j000 15-c000
ENVY x2 13-j001ne 13-j003tu
ENVY x2 13-j001tu 13-j020ca
ENVY x2 13-j002dx 13-j002tu
ENVY x2 13-j098nx 15-c001dx
ENVY x2 15-c000 15-c000ng
ENVY x2 15-c000na 15-c000no
ENVY x360 15-aq 15-aq002la
ENVY X360 15-AQ100 15-aq000 15-aq015nr
ENVY X360 15-AQ165NR 15-AQ293MS
ENVY x360 15-u100nc 15-u170nz
ENVY x360 15-u101ne 15-u437cl
ENVY x360 15-w001na 15-w100
ENVY x360 15-w050sa 15-w237cl
ENVY X360 15M-BP111DX 15M-BP112DX
ENVY X360 15m-bq121dx 15M-BQ021DX
ENVY x360 m6-aq103dx m6-w000
ENVY X360 M6-AQ105DX M6-AQ103DX
Envy x360 15-u011dx 15-w267cl m6-w103dx

mt42 Mobile Thin Client

Pavilion 10 10-e010nf 10-e011au
Pavilion 10 10-e022au 10z-e000
Pavilion 11-e020au 11-e117au
Pavilion 11-e113au 11-e140ca
Pavilion 11-h000sa 11-h007tu
Pavilion 11-n010dx x360 11-n011dx
Pavilion 13-b110tu 13-b215tu
Pavilion 13-b201np 13-p106sa
Pavilion 14-al000 14-al002no
Pavilion 14-al001la 14-al007la
Pavilion 14-al062nr 14-ac021TU 14-al061nr
Pavilion 14-al089no 14-bk009nc
Pavilion 14-bk001la 14-bk002nu
Pavilion 14-bk064na 14-n209ej
Pavilion 14-n000 14-n200
Pavilion 14-n000ej 14-n204ej
Pavilion 14-n228ca 14-v250tx
Pavilion 14-v001tu 14-v103tx
Pavilion 14-v014la 14-v148ca
Pavilion 15-ab008tu 15-ab050nz
Pavilion 15-ab010nj 15-ab087no
Pavilion 15-ab035tu 15-ab157nr
Pavilion 15-ab036tu 15-ab200
Pavilion 15-ab045sa 15-ab200nc
Pavilion 15-ab048na 15-ab201nj
Pavilion 15-ab049tu 15-ab227tx
Pavilion 15-ac107na 15-f337nr 15-f271wm
Pavilion 15-ay078nr 15-ay091ms
Pavilion 15-bj000nd 15-bj000
Pavilion 15-br010nr 15-bn070wm 15-br077nr
Pavilion 15-cc010nk 15-cc094nia
Pavilion 15-ck018ca 15-cd040wm
Pavilion 15-n203tu 15-n221so
Pavilion 15-n204tu 15-n224sa
Pavilion 15-n210au 15-n224sg
Pavilion 15-n215si 15-n228sl
Pavilion 15-n221sa 15-n230sr
Pavilion 15-n277nd 15-n241ca
Pavilion 15-n284ca 15-n253nf
Pavilion 15-n298ea 15-n271ea
Pavilion 15-n299sa 15-n276sr
Pavilion 15-p001au 15-p011au
Pavilion 15-p002na 15-p012no
Pavilion 15-p005ax 15-p018nz
Pavilion 15-p007sr 15-p019st
Pavilion 15-p007tx 15-p022ca
Pavilion 15-p028cy 15-p024cy
Pavilion 15-p041tu 15-p025nf
Pavilion 15-p043cl 15-p106ni
Pavilion 15-p045nb 15-p106nr
Pavilion 15-p049nf 15-p122ne
Pavilion 15-p059no 15-p142na
Pavilion 15-p065tx 15-p150ca
Pavilion 15-p071no 15-p152nf
Pavilion 15-p074ca 15-p152np
Pavilion 15-p076no 15-p185no
Pavilion 15-p078sa 15-p187ca
Pavilion 15-p083sa 15-p101nj
Pavilion 15-p193na 15-p247sa
Pavilion 15-p203ur 15-p249sa
Pavilion 15-p208ur 15-p251tu
Pavilion 15-p210nz 15-p253ur
Pavilion 15-p214dx 15-p259nf
Pavilion 15-p214na 15-p264tx
Pavilion 15-p222tu 15-p283tx
Pavilion 15-p228na 15-p284ca
Pavilion 15-p228tu 15-p284tx
Pavilion 15-p230nz 15-p288ng
Pavilion 15-p231tu 15-p293na
Pavilion 15-p233tu 15-p294tx
Pavilion 15-p234ng 15-p234tx
Pavilion 15t-ab100 15z-p000
Pavilion 17-f009ng 15-r132wm
Pavilion 17-f021nr 17-f111nf
Pavilion 17-f024ds 17-f142no
Pavilion 17-f028ca 17-f158nr
Pavilion 17-f030ds 17-f194nf
Pavilion 17-f030ds 17-f194nf
Pavilion 17-f053ca 17-f210ng
Pavilion 17-f053us 17-f231nw
Pavilion 17-f059nb 17-f256ng
Pavilion 17-f061us 17-f280no
Pavilion 17-f064nf 17-f071nr
Pavilion 17-f070no 17-f100nm
Pavilion 17-g100 17t-g100
Pavilion 17-G121WM 17-g227cy
Pavilion Split x2 13-r100dx 13-c002dx
Pavilion x2 Detachable
Pavilion x360 11-ab001tu 11-ab042tu
Pavilion X360 11-ab006la 11-ab049tu
Pavilion x360 11-ab008tu 11-ab060tu
Pavilion X360 11-ab022tu 11-ab039tu
Pavilion x360 11-ad000 11-ad051nr
Pavilion x360 11-k007nf 11-n000
Pavilion x360 11-k009tu 11-k102tu
Pavilion x360 11-k011tu 11-k120ds
Pavilion x360 11-k012tu 11-k130tu
Pavilion x360 11-k013cl 11-k132tu
Pavilion x360 11-k014tu 11-k134tu
Pavilion x360 11-k021cy 11-k026ca
Pavilion x360 11-n002ej 11-n038ca
Pavilion x360 11-n034tu 11-n041tu
Pavilion x360 11-n035tu 11-n036tu
Pavilion x360 11-n083sa 11-n117tu
Pavilion x360 11-n100 11t-u000
Pavilion x360 11-n108tu 11-n116tu
Pavilion x360 11-p100 11-p110nr
Pavilion x360 11-u027tu 11-u112tu
Pavilion x360 13-a002ej 13-a173ng
Pavilion x360 13-a010dx 13-a185no
Pavilion x360 13-a040ca 13-a201nf
Pavilion x360 13-a087no 13-a202na
Pavilion x360 13-a110dx 13-a300
Pavilion x360 13-s000 13-s060sa
Pavilion x360 13-s008na 13-s080no
Pavilion x360 13-s057nw 13-s100
Pavilion x360 13-s120ca 13t-s000
Pavilion x360 13-s128nr 13t-s100
Pavilion x360 13-u026tu 13-u138ca
Pavilion x360 14-ba001la 14-ba026tx
Pavilion x360 14-ba004nl 14-ba094sa
Pavilion x360 14-ba016na 14-ba100ng
Pavilion x360 14-ba025tu 14-ba101ng
Pavilion x360 14-cd000 14-cd0004la
Pavilion x360 14m-ba114dx 14t-ba000
Pavilion x360 15-bk015nr m3-u105dx
Pavilion x360 15-br015na 15-br052od
Pavilion x360 m3-u001dx m3-u003dx


11 EE G1 G2
G2 640 645 650 655
G3 245 430 440 450 455 640 645
G4 430 450 455
G5 255 450
G6 250
x360 11 G1 EE G2 EE

SlateBook 14-p010nr 14-p091nr


13 x2 Pro x360 15-ap000
13-3000eo 13-3090ef
13-3004tu 13-3095ef
13-3007tu 13-3017tu
Pro x360 G1 G2 Convertible
x2 13 Pro 13-h200
x360 13-4000 13-4200
x360 13-4000ns 13-4021np
x360 13-4002dx 13-4030ca
X360 13-4003DX L0Q51UA
x360 13-4003na 13-4066nz
x360 13-4004tu 13-4096nf
x360 13-4005dx 13-4100dx
x360 13-4010ca 13-4101dx
x360 13-4200nx 13-4201nl
x360 13t-4100 13T-4200
x360 15-ap001nx 15t-ap000


13-f010dx 13-m115eg x2, 13-g110dx 13-g200,  13-m006tu 13-m111sa x2
13-m100eia 13-m112tu x2

Star Wars

15-an000 15t-an000,  15-an044nr 15-an067nr,  15-an050ca 15-an097nr
15-an050nr 15-an098nr

11 Pro G2 G3
11-d000 11-d010nr,  11-d000na 11-d010wm,  11-d001dx 11-d011na
11-d003tu 11-d062sa,  11-d007tu 11-d008tu,  11-r000 11-r007tu 11-r014wm
11-r000nd 11-r008tu,  11-r000nf 11-r010ca,  11-y003na 11-y010wm
11-y006nf 11-y020wm,  11-y009tu 11-y050na,  11-y010tu 11-y050sa
13 Notebook 11-y051sa,  13-c000nc 13-c020ca,  13-c000ng 13-c020na
13-c004tu 13-c020tu,  13-c010nr 13-c022cy,  13-c014tu 13-c050sa
13-c110ca 13-c080no,  13-c193nr 14-ax054sa,  14-ax000 14-ax010wm
14-ax000na 14-ax010ca,  14-ax002na 14-ax020wm,  14-z002na 14-z007nf
Pro G3 11-y010wm 13-c050na,  x360 11-aa030ng 11-p000
x360 11-aa053sa 11-aa050sa,  x360 11-p010ns 11-p099nd
x360 11-p 11-p091nr 11-p050nr

Tablet Pro x2 410 G1 410 G2
Tablet Pro x2 612 G1 J8V68UT

x360 11-p110nr 11-p112nr 15-bq108ca

ZBook 15u G3 Workstation

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